Film Soundtrack Highlights

Becoming a Queen (2021)

The rise and legacy of Canada’s most decorated Caribbean Carnival Queen, Joella Crichton, as she aims to win a historic tenth title in her last ever competition.

Felix provided supplementary film music to the project, underscoring gravitas and emotional impact to the events happening in the story.

Inflated (2020)

Gilbert, the fuzzy-orange-balloon-twisting monster is challenged by a gifted newbie.

This short animated film is an excellent showcase of Felix's abilities to capture both comedic and serious moments in a light-hearted short. 


Plume (2019)

After a raging forest fire, Plume the moth embarks on a road to recovery with his new friend, Barley the Beetle.

Felix showcases his capability for underscoring vulnerability and emotional intensity in this award-winning stop motion animated short.