Based in Toronto, Canada, Felix Arifin is a composer well regarded for his musical output within the indie game development scene. Moko and the Seven Gates sees his musicality pushed to epic proportions with a blend of sweeping orchestras and delicate pianos. 

His ability to merge musical languages and genres is in full force here, with unique combinations of gamelan, Western, and Japanese-inspired music. Don't miss out on this exciting new release!

Moko led a pampered life for most of his days. Now, with his owner Yuki falling prey to a mysterious sickness, he must be more than a simple house cat. Follow Moko in this story-driven platformer as he searches for a cure in a tale of magic, loyalty, and danger. 

Moko and the Seven Gates is a 3D platformer taking inspiration from the classic games of the genre. Journey with Moko through colourful worlds and meet challenging foes on an adventure to lift the curse and save Yuki.